Howlite Skulls and Tree of Life Vibes- aromatherapy therapy lava bead earrings

Howlite Skulls and Tree of Life Vibes- aromatherapy therapy lava bead earrings

The Life of a Gemini
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Lava beads are perfect for aromatherapy use. Volcanic rock works like a natural diffuser, emitting an aroma of whatever this porous material will absorb!

Skulls are a beautiful part of nature. They represent death and rebirth, and allows you to focus on the things in life you are grateful for. Skulls are also a symbol of evolution, and mortality.

Howlite is used to calm your anxiety and reduce stress, promote restful and deep sleep, inspire and create, and to help purify your emotions. This is one of the many stones that correlates with the root chakra, giving it grounding properties, while also helping your mind tune into higher consciousness. Howlite promotes openness to the wearer, helping those who keep too many emotions bottled up inside. This stone is a good stability stone, also helping calm those who are too angry, and short tempered.

The Tree of Life is a symbol signifying the connection between Earth and the Heavens. It is a symbol of growth and strength, and a symbol of immortality. Is has symbolism in many cultures, and is known to help us grow spiritually. From the depths of our souls, to the connection with mother nature, the Tree of Life will help bring you vitality and good health.

Product Description:
Howlite skulls with the trees of life on silver toned hooks.

These earrings represent the circle of life and death.

Note: Includes extra set of rubber earring backs.