About The Life of a Gemini

My jewelry shop is welcome to anyone who has the freedom to look at it, and especially to those who are drawn to it. My shop and content welcomes ALL the zodiacs!

I love creating jewelry for those who connect with crystals, Mother Nature, the Universe, and Astrology. As a Gemini sun, I hope creating a jewelry shop with my handmade bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants will allow me to help you, and others connect with their spiritual beliefs and spread positive vibrations and good energies all over the world. Being able to use jewelry for this can make it very sentimental, which is why it is so beautiful. 

Every bracelet, necklace, earring, and keychain I create, has a message. That message is up to you to decipher- after you acknowledge the meanings of the crystals and the materials I use in each piece. Keep your third eye open. Trust your intuition. 

My handmade jewelry shop has bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants- and contains charms, beads, wire, and other pieces and content that involve Astrology/The Zodiac signs, Spirit Animals, The Evil Eye, Buddhism, the 7 Chakras, mythological and legendary creatures, Greek and Roman Mythology, Space, the moon, the sun, stars, the planets, astronomy, Time, Numerology, Dreams, witchcraft, religions, crosses, elements, symbols, sea critters, and more!

I make various bracelets, earrings, and necklaces- from over 25 different kinds of crystals, Czech glass, lava beads, and other aromatherapy materials. I use varieties of bronze, silver, and gold toned materials and several varieties of leather; in various lengths and sizes, and quantities and qualities regarding all of the above. How's that for the life of a Gemini?

Most of the jewelry I create is put together the way it is, for a reason. I follow the vibrations of my crystals and go with the flow of the energy of what crystals should come together and connect together. I believe whoever is drawn to these pieces, will connect with these energies and vibrations. That is the part I love the most about making jewelry, and the main reason I do it.