6.9” Buddha Bracelet- tigers eye with copper Buddha

6.9” Buddha Bracelet- tigers eye with copper Buddha

The Life of a Gemini
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Yellow Tigers Eye enhances personal power, increases courage and boosts your self esteem, and helps provide stability and better decision making qualities. Tigers eye helps break cycles of being stagnant or periods of inaction. This crystal is associated with the solar plexus chakra, helping those who use this crystal during meditation to find prosperity and self identity. 

Tigers eye helps you calm down and focus. It will help you attract good luck and will protect you from negative energies. Tiger's eye is known to help you center your personal energy and assist you with helping solve complex situations. This crystal diminishes your fears and will help you manifest your deepest desires. The energy involved with Tiger's eye is like no other, and I would recommend this crystal to anyone searching for life's deepest truths, and to help deepen your meditative state of mind.

Product Description:
8mm tigers eye beads

10mm Buddha in copper

Product Type: stretchy bracelet