6.75” Root Chakra Bracelet - red Jasper nuggets and lava beads

6.75” Root Chakra Bracelet - red Jasper nuggets and lava beads

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Red Jasper is a grounding stone and stone of stability, most often correlated with the root chakra. It helps give the wearer courage, and strength. Red Jasper is ideal for Aries and Taurus, and most commonly found in India and Brazil. Red Jasper offers protection, aids in rebirth, stimulates new ideas, promotes astral traveling, awakens survival instincts, and helps with dream recall.  

Lava beads are perfect for aromatherapy use. Volcanic rock works like a natural diffuser, emitting an aroma of whatever this porous material will absorb!

Directions for aromatherapy uses: Make best use of it by dabbing on your favorite essential oil(s) on these bead(s) with a Q-Tip or cotton ball for best results.

This Aromatherapy bracelet can be used as a natural diffuser for your essential oils, perfume, body spray, or simply just worn for the look for it!

Note: Please do not get your lava beads wet and please use oils and other scents by discretion!

Age Group: 12+

Product Description:
Red Jasper nugget beads

8mm black lava beads

Use during mediation!