7” Red Jasper Snake charm Bracelet- lobster clasp

7” Red Jasper Snake charm Bracelet- lobster clasp

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Red Jasper is a grounding stone and stone of stability, most often correlated with the root chakra. It helps give the wearer courage, and strength. Red Jasper is ideal for Aries and Taurus, and most commonly found in India and Brazil. Red Jasper offers protection, aids in rebirth, stimulates new ideas, promotes astral traveling, awakens survival instincts, and helps with dream recall. This is an empowerment stone, perfectly paired in this bracelet with Onyx; helping banish negative thoughts and nightmares.

Onyx is a strength giving stone that provides support in difficult or confusing situations during times of mental and physical stress. This stone will help you center your energy and align it with a higher power during meditation, and help you connect with your personal wholeness. This stone promotes stamina, and aids the wearer in learning lessons and gaining self confidence. It’s been said that onyx can hold the memories of things that have happened to the wearer, allowing these vibrations to communicate with those who are practicing psychometry. Onyx is very useful for past life healing work, making this a useful crystal during meditation and can be used to align all your chakras. This stone also helps heal sorrow and grief. Onyx also helps alleviate overwhelming fears and worries. Onyx will assist in absorbing energies from the universe required for physical and mental healing. Physical healing with onyx also promotes healthy teeth, bones, bone marrow, and blood disorders. 

The Snake is a cunning character, and works alone. The snake symbolizes immortality and creativity and rebirth! Transformation and healing is what the snake stands for, so if you keep seeing snakes and believe they may be your spirit animals, then prepare for a huge change or transformation in your life. Wearing this bracelet during that time will help you feel secure and the snake will guide you; have faith! Do NOT ignore the signs! 

Product Description:

onyx rectangle beads

3X4 red jasper chips 

1/2 silver toned snake charm with silver accents and lobster clasp